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    We do it all the time. And. Now that was as a "free user". The companies will get their work finished in are cntracts with a fixed fee. Then to find out youve just spent $50-$400 (rough as average) on something you will not use has screwed you up a bit, especially if you buy ten plugins, youve just spent $500 $4000 and could be making nothing back from it. cheensta Newbie Joined: Sep 7, 2011 Messages: 11 Likes Received: 0 I've been using Ableton with some cracked plugs and they work fine along side some legit plugs. Once you take a car, youre already displacing yourself with the transport, and besides that youre creating wear on the physical object, which costs money. and the license keys are easy to use if you need to use multiple computers/studios. Sure, if you are a priviledged enough to live in a country in which you can find a decent job to get the money you need to buy the plugins but instead choose to get the cracked ones, youre an idiot. I think the Pace Anti Piracy theyre talking about is the iLok software protection. Im a bit disheartened to read a lot of commenters bending over backwards to justify downloading cracked plugins. Fast-forward 15 years.


    I cant justify spending much on plugins that wont guarantee me that I will be improving my situation. So Ive long categorized software companies with oil and pharmaceutical companies due to the business model. You should of been asking questions like Amsterdam Pirate did. And by the way, why drink Paracetamol for the DAW developers headache? Did the plugin & DAW companies tell you theyre broke? Seriously. Yes, I'm aware that you are a mod and I really don't care. Its not my thing, but I am not going to be priggish or self-righteous about it. Its better than starting with nothing at all, as stated earlier by others if I wasnt to get it through a torrent I wouldnt have it at all since I dont have the means to pay for it, so how is the industry losing out on that money they wouldnt get from me anyway?? Now lets say I finished building my studio & I get very good at what I do then begin making money from it, YOU BET Ill pay for it since itll be more feasible and you know whatll buy? You guessed it the same software Id been using. September 26th, 2016 Reply ThirdWorldMusic What if I buy Plugins but Pirate Movies, is that Ok? What if I pirate plugins but buy movies & music.? Or buy plugins but pirate everything else? Do you all tell your friends & family who pirate movies & music that their thieves? No?? Let him without sin cast the first stone&&. Should music production only be available to the people who can afford it. Via JMFlickr Downloading Cracked Plugins Is Theft To this day I have never downloaded or used a cracked or stolen plugin. I dont understand why I cant subscribe to it. I want to say your comment there was directed to those users who are old enough, free enough and are able to pay for the plugin but would rather give the excuses you mentioned than really support the developers. Anyone have any experience with this or is actually doing this now? Let me know, thanks!Click to expand. There are many imperfections with copyright laws and I see that they have developed in large part to benefit big corporations, rather than artists and front-line personnel. The main reason for those companies that COULD prevent their products from being cracked is not just about the revenue they receive from the cracked users that mean well, but its because they prefer making and building upon their product, having something to smile to with the work to show for it, believing they have meaning in their life, more than the profit that COULD be made. It might also be a 64 bit AAX while pro tools 10 only runs 32 bit. This doesnt mean that someone shouldnt pay for recording education otherwise, but free education has immense social value. Those who deem all crackers as criminals who will attempt to infiltrate your computer and receive profit in doing so do not understand that lots of crackers want to help the poor, poverty-stricken people and teens. You can (in seconds) be trying out a plugin on YOUR mix and actually figure out if it would be a good fit for you. 695846ea4d

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